0102 - Student


If you are a student, you can use an educational license, which has more advantages than a 30-day trial license does. However, to access an educational license, the school or training center you attend must request this type of license.

Important: You, as a student, cannot apply directly to Graebert for a student license; it is only available through your educational center.

If your educational center already has an educational account, there is a teacher or administrator in charge of providing access (usually the teacher in charge of the CAD classes); this person will create your student account and assign you a license. Talk to your educational center for more information.

If your teacher has already sent you the access data, you just have to download the programs and install them (ARES Commander for desktop computers, and ARES Touch for mobile devices), or access ARES Kudo through the URL www.kudo.graebert.com.

If the programs are already installed, you can log into them and start your training with any of our online courses. Or you can even do your own tests with the software and the class exercises.

If your training center is not yet registered in our system, or your teacher has not yet enabled access, you can still start your training with us. While you wait for your educational license issue to be resolved, you can use the 30-day trial version.

For this, you will need to do two things:

  1. Download and install the programs (click here for instructions).
  2. Create a free Graebert account in order to activate your 30-day license (click here for instructions).

School / University

If you are a teacher or a representative of an educational center and you want to obtain educational licenses, visit this section for instructions.

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