0003 - Description of each module

Below, you can see the list of modules that this course contains. Although you will also be able to see all the topics from the side menu (on the left), here we will explain the main topic that each of them deals with.


  • 00 - Welcome
  • 01 - Introductions for AutoCAD users

00 - Welcome

This module aims to quickly explain the most relevant things that the student should know before starting. If you want to learn how to download and install the programs, or how to activate a license or trial license, you should see the online user guide that will lead you through these topics. Click here.

01 - Introductions for AutoCAD users

The first one focuses on general aspects of the program such as the graphical interface, tool palette, and different ways of executing the commands.

The second lesson reviews some basic commands for both creating and editing entities by displaying elements that are the same (or very similar) between the two programs. We will also explore some productivity-boosting commands that only exist in ARES Commander.

The third lesson focuses on more advanced features such as blocks, and intelligent entities through different types of blocks or arrays. You can also see how to work with data obtained from the drawing to create tables within the drawing, or to export it to Excel. In addition to 2D tools, you can also see some 3D functions. You also have the ability to learn the difference between two drawings, thanks to Drawing Compare.

The fourth video focuses on submitting drawings and printing, either directly to a printer, or via multi-page PDF files. We'll even see how Sheet Set Manager and other options work.

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