0101 - The Trinity Concept


More than a suite of three software products, the ARES Trinity is an ecosystem leveraging modern cloud and mobile technologies to improve collaboration.

ARES Trinity brings freedom to your CAD workflows by making the project the center, where everything revolves around it. In this way, you decide how to access that information and how you want to interact with it. Depending on your needs, you can choose to use a desktop option like ARES Commander through a Windows- or MacOS-based computer, or enter through ARES Kudo running in a web browser, or work from a mobile device with ARES Touch. (You may even use all three on the same project!) In addition, you can define different types of users, to determine who can modify particular files or only view them, and for how long. 

ARES Trinity is made up of the joint work of ARES Commander, ARES Touch, and ARES Kudo. You can create and edit DWG drawings with each of these programs individually, of course; each has commands that enable you to carry out all kinds of CAD operations. In the case of ARES Kudo, it provides a user experience that is similar to ARES Commander, while being optimized for working from an Internet browser. ARES Touch is designed to provide an optimal experience on a tablet or smartphone touchscreen.

Who Can Benefit from Trinity?

The more people who work on the same project, the more benefits they will find with ARES Trinity. But single users will find many advantages as well. First of all, a "single user" never truly works alone, since they always have a client with whom they share information. And eventually, you will need to share the technical documentation with colleagues from other professions who join the project. In short, sooner or later the group of users will grow — it is inevitable.

And secondly, the main user may prefer to work with a Windows workstation while in the office, but use a Mac laptop when at home, for example. Or the user may need to visit a construction site, where work will be conducted on a phone or tablet. With
ARES Trinity,  no matter where you are or what device you use, you can always access your projects that are saved in the cloud.

The following video is an animation that highlights the most important features of the ARES Trinity, which we will get to know in more detail during this course.

The following video is an animation that shows the most important features of the ARES Trinity, and that we will get to know throughout the course.

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