0001 - Course Objectives

This online course will teach you about the seven most important functions of ARES Trinity, which enable full collaboration among users working on the same DWG project through the cloud.

This course assumes that the student has a basic knowledge of CAD programs such as AutoCAD or ARES Commander. In other words, this course is not intended to teach 2D drawing or editing; it focuses on collaboration with other users through the cloud.

It also shows the workflow between the different programs that are part of ARES Trinity (ARES Commander, ARES Kudo, and ARES Touch) when they are sharing the same drawing. This includes some references to commands for drawing creation and editing, which serve to explain some important points but do not focus on the details.

Minimum knowledge required to take this course:

Before starting, the student should have:

  • Basic knowledge in creating and editing 2D DWG drawings with ARES Commander or AutoCAD (or a similar CAD program).*
  • An ARES Trinity license, or the 30-day trial version to be able to carry out the practices.**

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