0005 - How our quiz works

This section, which appears at the end of the most important lessons, is designed to evaluate what you have learned. It is a series of questions and answers based on what was explained in each lesson.

As you can see in the example below, the quiz starts with a banner that differentiates it from the rest of the content. Below the banner is a general text, followed by the quiz itself, which has a gray background to make it easier to distinguish.

0005.01 - Appearance of the quiz.

Note: The quiz is located at the end of each relevant lesson.

In general, the quiz offers a question or statement, and  the user must decide whether it is true or false. In some cases, the user has to choose between different options. 

In almost all cases, there is only one correct answer. However, there are some questions that may have more than one correct answer.

Whenever this is the case, a text will indicate it at the beginning of the quiz.

0005.02 - Some questions may have more than one correct answer.

At the top of each quiz, you can see the number of questions it comprises.

0005.03 - Number of questions to solve.

Select your answer and press the Check button to learn whether the answer is correct or not. It will even tell you what the correct solution is.

0005.04 - The check button allows you to know the correct answer.

The following image indicates that the previous answer was correct, but in this case there were two correct solutions. The small circle indicates the other correct one.

0005.05 - This question had 2 correct answers.

 If it had been an incorrect answer, then an "X" would be displayed.

0005.06 - Wrong answer.

Some questions are designed to force the student to focus. If you are tired, you can stop the course and come back at another time to continue.

At the end of the quiz, you will see how many of your answers were correct.

0005.07 - Graphic that appears at the end of a quiz.

When you have finished the course, and have answered all the quizzes that appear throughout the lessons, you will receive an approval certificate that is automatically generated with your data. You can learn more about the certificate in the following topic.

Note: There is a minimum number of successfully completed quizzes required to obtain the certificate. But if you follow our course carefully, you will be able to pass it without difficulty.

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