0001 - Course Objectives

ARES Kudo is Graebert's innovative online CAD program, designed to work seamlessly with the DWG format. It operates similarly to well-known CAD software like ARES Commander and AutoCAD, making it user-friendly for those familiar with traditional CAD tools.

The key distinction that sets ARES Kudo apart from traditional CAD is its web-based functionality, eliminating the need for any installation process. To work in ARES Kudo, users simply visit www.kudo.graebert.com. (We recommend you bookmark this URL in your browser, especially when starting this course.)

In this online course, our focus lies on exploring ARES Kudo's collaboration tools, empowering users to upload files to the cloud and effortlessly share them with clients and collaborators. These tools facilitate active discussions around drawings, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. The powerful collaboration features are also taught in the ARES Trinity Collaboration Features for DWG course; however, here we focus specifically on what ARES Kudo allows you to do, without taking into account the other programs that are part of the ARES Trinity of CAD software: ARES Commander and ARES Touch.

In addition, ARES Kudo offers a range of online drawing creation and editing tools, which we will delve into during the ARES Kudo Online CAD course. An ARES Kudo license can be purchased individually, or as part of the ARES Trinity (which includes ARES Commander, ARES Kudo, and ARES Touch) or Mobility Pack (ARES Kudo and ARES Touch).

0001.01 - ARES Kudo - license options.

You can get more information about ARES Kudo and our other products from our website, www.graebert.com. It’s also quick and easy to buy an ARES Kudo license online (see the BUY option in the main menu).

0001.02 - The official site of Graebert, www.graebert.com.

The BUY menu on our website gives you access to all of our products. The ARES Kudo button that appears there is a direct link to the URL of the program: www.kudo.graebert.com.

0001.03 - The BUY dropdown menu lists many options. You can also see the direct link to the ARES Kudo portal.

Minimum knowledge required to take this course:

Before starting, the student should have:

  • A basic understanding of how to create and edit 2D DWG drawings with ARES Commander or AutoCAD (or a similar CAD program).
  • An active ARES Kudo license. This license can be Individual, ARES Trinity, or Mobility Pack, or you can activate the 30-day trial version. Note: To learn how to download, install, and activate our programs, visit our online course "Read me first".

Recommended courses to meet the minimum requirements to take this course.

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