0007 - Do you have everything you need to get started?

These are the essential things you need to take the online course:

  • Your computer or mobile device has Internet access.
  • You have created a free Graebert account
  • If you do not have a paid license, you have activated the 30-day trial version of ARES Trinity. (When you activate the trial version of ARES Kudo, ARES Commander and ARES Touch are also activated at the same time.)
  • You have reviewed your student account and verified that your first and last name are spelled correctly, as they will appear that way on your certificate.

These items are recommended, but are not necessary to complete the course:

  • You have at least one account set up on Google Drive or another cloud storage service (Box, Dropbox, etc).
  • You have also created a second email account (with Gmail, for example).
  • You should take notes; they will help you review what you are learning throughout the course.
  • You will get the most out of the course if you already have a basic notion of how to use ARES Commander, AutoCAD, or any similar CAD program that works with the DWG format.

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